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We Believe In food That Tastes Incredible

You and your customers can rest assure, that our line of handcrafted products are created with only the highest, premium raw materials available. In addition to, we operate through series of stringent quality standards and practices, consisting of: a rigid Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP) program, USDA inspected facility (with onsite USDA dedicated inspector), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), and micro-testing on all environmental and finished goods. Our focus has, and always will be, to create impressive product offerings renowned for their impeccable flavor profiles, and unmatched quality and safety levels.


Based on the popular Latin American ‘street food’, our Colombian-inspired empanadas’ consist of an in-house corn masa pastry, folded in a half moon shape, and filled with a variety of authentic and regional flavor ingredients.


GCPs’ chefs have created an expansive plate offering which not only provides impressive flavor profiles, but eye-catching, colorful displays. Solutions for today’s ever growing consumer needs: Vegan, Gluten-Friendly/Wheat Free, Vegetarian.

Egg Bakes

Heavy cream, eggs, and a blend of fresh cheeses, create a smooth, satiny custard-like experience, paired with locally sourced ingredients, twice baked creating a unique up-scale visual dining presentation.

Our Story

We are an experienced culinary team intent on providing food solutions for today’s ever-changing consumer environment. Our extensive range of resources, combined with our 30 plus years of success, are set to assist you with navigating through current trends, strengthening market share, and cost savings.


Our goal is simple, to help you ignite and delight your customers.


GCPs’ award-winning chefs have handcrafted a diverse breakfast menu offering that capture worldly, comfort food flavors. All our products consist of only the freshest, premium raw ingredients, locally sourced from regional farmers and purveyors.

Gourmet sides

GCPs’ handcrafted side dishes provide a wealth of dining options, ranging from shared appetizers to an accompaniment for various protein. Partnering with local farmers and purveyors, our team of chefs have created a line of modular side dishes, easily tailored to Fit your individual menu needs.


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